In translation, our language pair is PT(BR/PT)*<>EN(US/UK/etc)* and our aim is to maintain an open line of communication for time-sensitive projects, delivering projects in a steadfast manner and with great quality (as per Agile Methodology).

On par with our other services, please feel free to get in contact to know what else we can offer, as well as our rates.

Specialty fields include:

– Translations, reviews, transcriptions, subtitling
– Gaming, gaming-related content localisation and testing
– Transcreation (for advertisements)
– Long and short-form prose (both translation and transcreation)
– Website and software localisation
– Articles and other journalistic content
– QA testing
– Consulting in regards to literary fields

*Language Pair legend: PT(BR/PT) – Portuguese (Brazilian / Portugal); EN(US/UK/etc) – English (United States / United Kingdom)